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Construction Activity


Travel Across Michigan

Revive 275 is bringing much-needed improvements to facilitate travel in Wayne and Oakland counties, and beyond, and will benefit our residents, economy, and environment.

Business Commuting

Revive 275 will improve travel time reliability for workers and businesses across the state, reducing congestion, improving air quality, and improving the economic vitality of Michigan with more efficient movement of goods and people.

Residential Travel

Revive 275 will improve travel in our communities, with better access to work, school, medical centers, shopping and retail centers, entertainment venues, and airports, while reducing congestion and improving safety.


Revive 275 will heighten the Michigan visitor experience by providing smooth, safe, and efficient travel across the state of Michigan for visiting friends and family. Plan your trip.

miDrive interactive mapInteractive Map

A traffic and construction information resource center for driving Michigan roads.

Interactive map helps motorists find alternate routes around construction zones on state roads (I, M and US routes) with details on traffic incidents.